Update and length check!

Greetings darlings! As we all know, it’s about that time in the year where the wonderful season of Winter brings about low temperatures and cold brisk air. All of which is my favorite, but for my hair? Not so much

So I decided it was due time for another favorite protective style of mine, yarn twists! The first photo is from the night before, where I washed, detangled and parted off sections for twisting the next morning

This will keep my hands out of my hair for at least 4 weeks, and my hair tucked safely away from the harsh elements. And I suggest you do the same! 

Or at least be adamant about moisturizing and hydrating on a day-to-day basis.

Be sure to protect your manes this Winter, ladies

From my hair to yours, Happy Holidays!


Next up on #HairBattleThursday: Cartoon Character edition:

The self-proclaimed (albeit sarcastically) “Queen of the Negroes,”Jodie Landon represented for every Black high schooler with domineering parents on the MTV cult series Daria. Voiced by Jessica Cyndee Jackson, Jodie was one of the few Black students at Lawndale High. Her never-ending involvement in extracurricular activities played a major role in the character’s development, as did her friendship with Daria and Jane and her relationship with footballer (and fellow token) Mack. She would eventually go on to attend a historically Black college. 

We’re not sure if this ambitious young woman had dreads, box braids, long two-strand twists, or what. But what we do know is that A) she validated a lot of the stress and irritation that some of us felt in high school and B) these images of her being a bad-ass, dressed as Dennis Rodman, a tooth fairy, an astronaut and a vampire are EVERYTHING.

Out of all the Cartoon Characters we’ve featured today, do Jodie’s story and hair styles move you the most? Reblog/like this post to vote. The post with the highest number wins!

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Purple twist out!

So this is what my hair looks like after I bleached it for the second time and reapplied the purple. Do you see that lavender curl by my ear!?! I’ve come alive!

Did a twist out and fluffed up my roots using a pick.